IPT on Embedded Systems [Arduino]

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Course Overview


- To enhance the skills in Arduino Board - To create Arduino Based Projects.

 Program Outcome: 

- Can work with different Sensors with Arduino Board - Can develop knowledge in Embedded C Programming.

 Training Outcome:   

At the end the Training tenure the students will be able to create Arduino Based Projects.

 Software Used:  

- Arduino IDE

 Training Syllabus : 

- Introduction – Embedded system – Microcontroller/Microprocessor – Types – Pin Details - Difference – Real time Application.

- Arduino Introduction – Atmega328 Microcontroller – Arduino Pin Details – Specification of   Arduino Prototypes – Types – Interface with computer.

- Installation and Programming of Arduino IDE – Configuration Setting – Testing Arduino Board – Working With Arduino IDE - Explanation of Structure, Functions, Variables, Data Types – Sample Program

- Practical Works - Blinking LED - Fading LED - Loop Program - Physical Pixel Program - Knight rider Program - RGB LED - Handling Button -  IR module - Analog Input Program  - Buzzer -  Temperature sensor - Ultrasonic Sensor -  Knock Sensor - 7 segment Display - DC Motor

 How to get Practical Hands-on Training Experience : 

It is advisable to purchase the Kits which is given in the below link so that you can have a practical experience by following step by step Tutorial Guidance.

If you are planning to enroll for ipt with friends, Then you can buy 1 Kit and the cost can be shared among yourself so that you all can have Hands-on Experience with low cost.

If you already have the Kit , then purchasing the Kit from the above link is not advisable.

 Additional Information : 

- This Online IPT Program has a validity of 1 year, which is calculated from the date of purchase.

- In case of doubts You can message the Trainer in our portal after purchasing the Module, he will be assisting you if the doubts is from the mentioned training contents.

- After practicing the training schedule you are suppose to send the practiced application to our email '' which will be verified in 24-48 hours and we will update you the status.

- According to the practical works you made , the certificate dates will be adjusted from 3 to 15 days which will be discussed over Phone or email for your confirmation before processing the certificate works.

IPT Certificate - After successful verification of the Worked out files you can receive the certificate as soft copy or Hard copy.

Soft copy Certificate can be downloaded in your course panel.

Hard copy Certificate [optional] will be couriered to your address  with a additional charge of Rupees 100 /- , this option will also be in course panel.


Course Features

  • Video Count21
  • Duration 7 hours
  • Skill level High Level
  • Language English

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