IPT on Internet of Things (IoT)

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Course Overview


- To enhance the skills in Internet Of Things - To create IOT related Real Time Projects.

 Program Outcome: 

- Can work with Sensors and NodeMCU Kit - Can Monitor the Electronic Devices in Website.

 Training Outcome:   

At the end the Training tenure the students will be able to create IOT related application Projects.

 Software Used:  

- Arduino IDE - Dreamweaver - WampServer[PHP ,MySQL , ApacheTomcat]

 Training Syllabus : 

Embedded Systems

- Introduction – Embedded system – Microcontroller/Microprocessor – Types – Pin Details - Difference – Real time Application.

- NodeMCU Introduction –Microcontroller - Pin Details – Specification - Types - Interface with computer.

- Installation and Programming of Arduino IDE – Configuration Setting – Testing NodeMCU Board – Working With Arduino IDE - Explanation of Structure, Functions, Variables, Data Types – Sample Program

- Practical Works - Blinking LED - Fading LED -  Physical Pixel Program - RGB LED - Handling Button -  IR module - Analog Input Program  - Buzzer -  Temperature sensor - Ultrasonic Sensor

Web Development

- HTML  -Different tags in html and its usage -Forms (GET & POST) - all other Form components - Image Mapping - Image Rollover

- CSS - Introduction of CSS - Types of CSS - Applying different Styles like colors,font size,font family and etc..,

- Javascript - Introduction to Javascript - How to use Javascript with HTML - using variales and other basics - Real Time Implementation of alert, prompt, confirm box - validation of forms

- Wampserver - Installation - How to use - PhpMyAdmin

- MySQL - Importance of DBMS - Queries- Insert,update,select,delete - Timestamp - automatic update of current time when Update query is runned on a table

- PHP -  Introduction and Installation - Syntax, Variables, Datatypes, Operators - Database Connections - Executing Insert,Update,Delete queries from Frontend - Selecting data’s and listing out in front end in table format

Internet of Things

- IoT - Introduction to IoT - Applications - Advantages - Architecture - Components Required for IoT Applications

- Practical works of IoT - Make your NodeMCU code interfacing with Web - IOT Based  Liquid Level Monitoring System - IOT Based Garbage Monitoring System - IOT Based Room Temperature Monitor - IOT Based Security system

 How to get Practical Hands-on Training Experience : 

It is advisable to purchase the Kits which is given in the below link so that you can have a practical experience by following step by step Tutorial Guidance.

If you are planning to enroll for ipt with friends, Then you can buy 1 Kit and the cost can be shared among yourself so that you all can have Hands-on Experience with low cost.

If you already have the Kit , then purchasing the Kit from the above link is not mandatory.


 Additional Information : 

- This Online IPT Program has a validity of 1 year, which is calculated from the date of purchase.

- In case of doubts You can message the Trainer in our portal after purchasing the Module, he will be assisting you if the doubts is from the mentioned training contents.

- After practicing the training schedule you are suppose to send the practiced application to our email '' which will be verified in 24-48 hours and we will update you the status.

- According to the practical works you made , the certificate dates will be adjusted from 3 to 15 days which will be discussed over Phone or email for your confirmation before processing the certificate works.

- IPT Certificate - After successful verification of the Worked out files you can receive the certificate as soft copy or Hard copy.

- Soft copy Certificate can be downloaded in your course panel.

- Hard copy Certificate [optional] will be couriered to your address  with a additional charge of Rupees 100 /- , this option will also be in course panel.

Course Features

  • Video Count23
  • Duration 12 hours
  • Skill level High Level
  • Language English

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