Adobe Experience Manager - AEM 6.x

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Course Overview


- To impart knowledge on Content Management System.
- To design a professionally groomed CMS Site with AEM 6.x

 Program Outcome : 

- Creating a CMS website which is easily edited,updated and published from client end.
- Identify, formulate and Analyse the exact need and designing the needed CMS site.

 Training Outcome:   

At the end the Training tenure the attendees will be able - To create their own CMS site with AEM 6.x

 Software Used : 

Videos are recorded with AEM 6.1 but all the course contents covered will be the Same in AEM 6.2 and 6.3

 Training Syllabus : 

- Installing AEM - Access CRXDE Lite - Project Structure in CRXDE Lite - Component Creation - Template Creation - Dialog creation - Xtype creations - Widget creation - Multifield widget - Client library - Digital assets management adding images audio PDF - Uploading images in crxde - Sidekick creation - Parsys creation - Cq include - Sling Include - Xtype text field pathfield drop down checkbox - Workflows - Replication - Package creation - Java Content Repository(JCR) - Bundle creation in CQ - Page creation - Live copy - Redirect page in cq - Map concept - Sightly - Design dialog creation - Mandatory concept in widget - Locale specific tagging - Integration of Java with cq - Java connectivity with cq - Listeners in cq - JSTL tags use in components and dialog - Angular Js usage in cq - Resource resolver - SQL query builder - Out of box components usage


 Additional Information : 

- This Online Course Program has a validity of 3 year, which is calculated from the date of purchase.

- In case of doubts You can message the Trainer in our portal after purchasing the Module, he will be assisting you if the doubts is from the mentioned training contents.

- After practicing the training schedule you are suppose to send the practiced application to our email '' which will be verified in 24-48 hours and we will update you the status.

Course Completion Certificate - After successful verification of the Worked out files you will be receiving the certificate as soft copy.

Soft copy Certificate can be downloaded in your course panel.


Course Features

  • Video Count18
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Skill level High Level
  • Language English

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